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Twilight Sparkle by ikillyou121

wow this is amazing i can't believe Twilight Sparkle because she looks pretty and shiny looks nice to Twilight Sparkle she looks really...

Fleur Portrait by KP-ShadowSquirrel

i love Fleur De Lis Because she is so beautiful and nice she is a nice and beautiful pony like Rarity her husband is Fancy Pants she li...



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Once I Get A PM I Will Update My Account So If Anyone Is Kind Please Give Me A PM To Spare And Also I Will Be Making Guidelines Of Art Trades,Commissions,Requests,Collaborations,Gifts,And More
Pixel Arts Rarity by FluttershyPony4444 Coffee Special Pixel Art by FluttershyPony4444 Special Pixel Art by FluttershyPony4444 Fluttershy Special Pixel Art by FluttershyPony4444 Little Girl Special Pixel Art by FluttershyPony4444 10-25 Points :points: ( depends when it's simple and easy or difficult and hard ) Note :note: I will only put light or dark shadows

Special Pixel Arts Sweet Dreams by FluttershyPony4444 25 Points :points: ( Flat Colors ) Or 35 Points :points: ( Textures,Background And Light Or Dark Shadows )

Simple Bases Base #2 by FluttershyPony4444 Base #3 by FluttershyPony4444 Base #1 by FluttershyPony4444 Chibi Base by FluttershyPony4444 15 - 25 Points :points: 

Arts Using My Simple Bases Merry Christmas by FluttershyPony4444 25 Points :points: ( Flat Colors ) Or 35 Points :points: ( Background And Some Designs ) Note :note: This Art Only Uses My Simple Bases Not Other Deviants Bases 

Mixed Fruits Or Shipping Ponies Using :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: Bases ( Ponies Can Be Grown Ups Or Foals ) Mixed Fruits Pony Adopts by FluttershyPony4444 Shipping Rarity  Pony Adopts by FluttershyPony4444 3-5 Ponies 25-45 Points :points: Note :note: Only Using :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: Bases Not Any Other Bases   

Check :iconflutter-loveradopts: For Our Other Adopts :iconflutterhappyplz: Cute Like Fluttershy :iconfloatingheartplz:

Wallpaper Arts ( Only Arts Made By The Commissioner Not Other Deviants. Art It Can Be Other Deviants If It's For Gifts ) Special Fluttershy Is The Best Wallpaper by FluttershyPony4444 25-45 Points :points: ( Depending How Many Arts ) Note :note: You Must Give The Size Of Your Computer Screen And Please Don't Ask How To Know Your Computer Size Please Search On Google. It's More Better To Search Or Discover Than Asking. ( I May Tell You How Many Arts You Can Put If You Have Told Me Your Computer Size And Don't Feel Bad If I Make The Pictures Big Or Small It's The Only Way )

"My Pony Style Arts" Half Body Rainbow Twins by FluttershyPony4444 1-2 Ponies 24 Points :points: ( Add + 10 Points :points: To Have A Background And Some Designs ) Note :note: I Don't Allow You To Let Me Put Shadows But If You Want Just Add Another + 5 Points :points: To Have Light Or Dark Shadows

"My Pony Style Arts" Full Body Sweet Colors by FluttershyPony4444 Fluttershy by FluttershyPony4444 48 Points :points: ( Add + 10 Points :points: For Background And Some Designs ) Note :note: I Don't Allow You To Let Me Put Shadows But If You Want Just Add Another + 5 Points :points: To Have Light Or Dark Shadows 

Style 1 Special "My Pony Style Arts" Fabulous Glam by FluttershyPony4444 <-------  ( I used a base in this example ) 124 Points :points: ( Free Background,Light And Dark Shadows,And Some Designs ) Note :note: You Can Tell Me If I Will Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: Or "My Pony Style Arts" Pony Structure

Style 2 Special "My Pony Style Arts" Fabulous Glam by FluttershyPony4444 <-------  ( I used a base in this example ) 248 Points :points: ( Free Background,Light And Dark Shadows,And Some Designs ) Note :note: You Can Tell Me If I Will Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: Or "My Pony Style Arts" Pony Structure

Kawaii Night Pony Custom  Special Kawaii Night Pony Auction by FluttershyPony4444 50 Points :points: ( Note Me For Details Or Link For Reference ) ( Free Background ) 
Note :note: You Can Tell Me If I Will Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: Or "My Pony Style Arts" Pony Structure

Custom Pony Custom Pony Gift by FluttershyPony4444 25-35 Points :points: 
( Note Me For Details Or Link For Reference Also It Can Be Themed ) Note :note: I Will Only Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: 

Cloud Pony Custom Cloud Pony by FluttershyPony4444 40-45 Points :points: ( Free Some Designs ) 
Note :note: I Will Only Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: 

Sweet Themed Cloud Pony Custom Sweet Strawberry Cloud Pony by FluttershyPony4444 45-65 Points :points: ( Free Background And Some Designs ) 
Note :note: I Will Only Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: 
Tea Spirit Pony Custom Tea Spirit Ponies ( Pony Species ) by FluttershyPony4444
 40-50 Points :points: ( Free Teacup,Design,And Accessories ) Note :note: I Will Only Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: With Cutie Mark And Background ( Just Add + 10 Points :points: )

( Please Note Me With The Flavor Of Tea And Main Ingredient And Some More Details )

Key Frame Pony Custom Key Frame Ponies ( Pony Species ) by FluttershyPony4444 
50-60 Points Points ( Free Key,Design,And Accessories ) Note Note I Will Only Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore: With Cutie Mark And Background ( Just Add + 10 Points Points )

( Please Note Me With The Details )

Love Chain Pony Custom Love Chain Ponies ( Rare Pony Species ) by FluttershyPony4444 60-100 Points Points  ( Free Valentines Firework Designs,Accessories,And Other Details) Note  I Will Only Use The Base Of :iconselenaede: Or :iconpony-bases-galore:

( Once You Purchase A Heart Love Chain Pony Custom Heart You Can Get A :iconfloatingheartplz: Free Commission In My Commission List :iconfloatingheartplz: )

~ When You Purchase Any Love Chain Pony Adopts Or Arts From Me You Can Also Get Commissions ~

( Please Note Me With The Details )

:star: 2 Slots Only For Love Chain Pony Customs :star:

More "My Pony Style Arts" fluttershypony4444.deviantart.…

Our Adopt Account Is Finally Here!!! :iconflutter-loveradopts: Controlled By :iconfluttershypony4444: And :iconsonazelover1234: 

BUT BEFORE THAT ADOPT FIRST THESE PONIES Shipping Rarity  Pony Adopts by FluttershyPony4444 Mixed Fruits Pony Adopts by FluttershyPony4444 PLEASE!!!
I Love It… Discord Is My Friend Because I Love Like And Miss Him Even Your In Canterlot Your Always Be My Friend Discord
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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Hi my name is fluttershy i have a pegasus wings and i'm a yellow pony and i have a Smooth pink mane and tail and i have some friendship friends it is :iconunicornrarity: :icontwilightsparkless: :iconreal-rainbowdash: :iconpinkiepielovesgummy: and :iconcowgirlapplejack: and my pet :iconmlpangel-bunny:

Hi everypony nice to meet you all you are all a great fan

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I am kind ,gentle, and good with animals i am the elements of kindness
My cutie mark is 3 pink butterflies it means that my job is to take care animals and Discover what animals are and be a kind and gentle pony

All fluttershy is welcome and everypony is welcome too you are all my bffs

everypony is :iconwelcomesignplz:
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MLP-My Little Pony
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MBFE-My Best Friend Ever

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Me Fluttershy

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Hi Fluttershy
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How are you, Fluttershy?
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